Shannon Hilson
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** Last Updated: October 26, 2021

My life as a writer started when my parents gave me a little blank book with a cat on the cover for Christmas when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. Something extraordinary happened when I decided to turn that book into a…

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My brother and I didn’t have the kind of parents who liked doing “kid things” with us when we were still growing up. They were especially averse to sitting through kid-appropriate movies, like cartoons or family films. So anytime we wanted to see the latest Disney re-release or something, and…

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True story — my extreme introversion once made an extroverted neighbor so uncomfortable that she moved at her earliest convenience. That was new. I think that was also the first time I truly realized just how uncomfortable some extroverts can be when introverts insist on being themselves and having their…


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Most of us prefer to keep our hearts inside our chests, and with good reason. If you always know where yours is, you’re unlikely to misplace it when life gets a little hectic. Since your chest goes with you wherever your travels take you, so does your heart. This makes…

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There are many skills I wish I’d developed a lot earlier in life, but the ability to gauge another person’s character is perhaps one of the more important ones. I was far from perfect when I was younger and made plenty of mistakes, but I was a reasonably decent person…

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Growing up, I was absolutely fascinated with foreign countries and cultures. Languages, people, food, music — if it had anything whatsoever to do with someplace other than where I was, I was all about it.

I’d spend hours and hours devouring books, movies, and documentaries about different places. And I’d…


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There are those we don’t yet know but wish to know someday. They breathe magic and fairy dust without even trying. The air becomes electric for reasons you can’t entirely identify if they happen to walk into a room when you weren’t expecting them. They sparkle. They shine. They give…

Shannon Hilson

I’m into a lot of things, and I write about most of them. | Email: | Links:

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