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Shannon Hilson

I write a little bit of everything. Friendly sometimes. Weird always.

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Self-sufficient people need love, too, but they’re not willing to settle for just anyone and anything.

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When your relationship with your mother is complicated at best, a shift in focus can keep you sane.

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Elevated Living Newsletter: May 2021

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And I learned a lot about my inner creative writer in the process.

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Fiction Friday

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The actual issue is likely something valid, understandable, and very fixable.

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Honoring your past is an integral part of enjoying your present and building your future.

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Here’s what’s changed about my life and my writing process so far.

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Sometimes it’s genuinely as simple as that, but not always.

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Shannon Hilson

Writer, reader, were-fox. Aspiring grouchy old man. | Email: | Blog:

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